Saturday, September 8, 2012


Japan has been to me since i was little a place filled with magic. Everything about it intrigues me, the culture, the people, the places, the language, the history. And there's something about it that fascinates me more than anything, pulling me there, a little voice that says "No, you will not be satisfied until you’ve been there”.

I want to wander through the streets, to turn every corner, to know every story, to hear the noises from the crowd in the middle of Shinjuku, to cross every road, so it leads me wherever it may lead me. I want to scream “Ohayo!” in the morning and “Oyasumi” in the night. Say to everyone “Mata Ashita!” and “Gambatenne!! ~”. Watch the cherry blossom trees but mostly, i want to see the sunrise from Mount Fuji.